Who we are           

BSD Holdings’ founders hold private investment companies.

Since 2000, we have established several companies world-wide, and invested in various sectors including Agriculture, Mining, Real Estate, Clean Energy, Media and Hi-Tech, with a goal to deliver increased profitability and superior risk-adjusted ROIs.


What we do        

BSD Holdings focuses mainly on early-stage ventures and opportunities that present strong cash flow and relatively low financial leverage.

Such investments, if managed properly, hold a world of opportunities for higher revenue growth and better ROIs, with a potentially lower basic investment. Part of our expertise is minimizing the risks attached, and enabling an investment climate with greater degree of stability.

By utilizing creative, strong striving and top quality management methods, we aim to maximize the added value of our assets and enjoy higher profits.


How we do it

BSD Holdings locates, recognizes and analyzes the potentially beneficial ventures.        

Our analysts and market experts maintain ongoing research and efforts to detect investments world-wide. Once we discover an attractive investment opportunity, we seize it for a relatively long term while constantly improving it.

As part of our decision-making processes, BSD Holdings uses a number of initial parameters to determine whether an investment is viable or not.

Our core principle of operation is complete control throughout the value chain. From the early planning stages, new ideas are carefully examined to estimate their market potential, risk factors and profitability forecast. Once approved, BSD's experts lead the venture to success.

Our expertise is based on in-depth knowledge of the industries and environments in which we operate.

Since each investment carries a certain level of risk, our scouts are well oriented in the technological community and specialize in prediction of trends in our target sectors.

That - combined with our highly diverse portfolio, strong network of contacts and extensive experience - allows us to reduce risk levels to the possible minimum and increase chances of a successful investment.


Where you come in

BSD Holdings seeks entrepreneur and investor partners, to nurture them into quality portfolio companies.

An optimal investment package is specially tailored to our investor's needs, as we aim to create the perfect match between a potential investor to his appropriate venture.

BSD Holdings is an excellent home for an early-stage venture. We are committed to the success of our ventures and spare no guidance efforts nor professional support.

Our investors and business partners benefit from comprehensive global services, professional finance team and onsite managerial crews, along with research and development teams for future trends and prospects.