Previous ventures include, among others:

  • B-Obvious
  • Imagine Networks
  • Nolio
  • Ethos Networks
  • APM Automation Solutions Ltd
  • Sport - VU
  • AIseek
  • DSPV
  • ObiMay Technologies Ltd.
  • T-app
  • Next Vison
  • Pixellot

The high-tech portfolio was comprised of several early-stage startup ventures that were handled using the company's main focus - AMSHAV Technology incubator.

During its activity, AMSHAV had shown an admirable ability to recognize market trends, find and lead new ventures to their success and in 2006 was even awarded as market leader in privately funded investments recruit.

At its prime, AMSHAV Technology incubator held over a dozen different startups that operated in the fields of software, communications and internet, and later on was sold to Maayan Ventures Ltd.