BSD Holdings' Angels are waiting for the new mind blowing venture to invest in.

We always seek the next promising project, and conduct constant research to spot new trends.


BSD Holdings has the much needed network of contacts any early-stage venture will benefit from.

Working collaboratively with angel investors and angel groups, we invite every startup team to contact us. It might be the beginning of a new exciting way.


Mostly, we like to seize long term investment opportunities in varied fields of operation, including but not limited to:


  • Hi-Tech

BSD Holdings is looking for investment opportunities in technology startups in seed stages.

We look to invest mainly in new ventures that have strong intellectual property rights and prospects for a clear market potential.


  • Real Estate

The real estate market can often be complex and competitive. Potential investors should carefully examine the various factors involved in order to maximize their investment.

Our resources are diverse. Using a group of top professionals and through a developed network of contacts, BSD Holdings locates properties that are worth investing in. Once a potentially prime investment opportunity is found, BSD gathers interest holders to an investment group.


  • Agriculture

BSD Holdings handles agricultural enterprises and farming lands across the world, investing mainly by acquiring lands or leasing and creating joint venture partnerships with the owners.

Investing in storage facilities enables us to have the flexibility of controlling the crop sales periods according to market demand, and fit sales timing to our increasing price, thus maximize revenues.


  • Finance

BSD Holdings is looking to invest in early-stage automated trading ventures. We specialize in systematic trading of equities and derivatives in markets across the world.

If you have a proven algorithm, backtested over a long time frame, and you are looking for support or investment, you are welcome to contact us. 

Selected ventures will go through short evaluation process in order to make sure they fit our business model. The evaluation will include review of backtesting assumptions and results, maturity of SW, target markets, type of algorithm, risk management, business model and the team commitment to further the venture development. During this process we will also assess the company's needs and the steps required to get to a point of fully operational, high-volume trading.


The selected ventures will enjoy our varied resources:

  • Professional guidance
  • Office space and equipment
  • Connection to Prime Broker, creating trading track record with low fees
  • Partial funding of SW development and other activities
  • Capital investment for small-scale trading
  • Capital investment for high-volume trading through an investment fund, or alternatively, professional guidance and assistance in raising venture capital for large-scale operations.